Exhibitors Information

Site Security

The Park is secured and patrolled by Security Guards from the Monday night before and until the Monday after the event. Access to the grounds is restricted and available to entry by pass for authorised persons and those living on site. Pavilions are locked and patrolled from 5:30pm until 8:30am (Saturday – 5.00pm until 8:30am) the following morning. No access is allowed within pavilions during this time.

When and Where

The Alice Springs Show will be held on the Friday and Saturday of the first weekend in July each year at Blatherskite Park, Alice Springs.


Limited accommodation for caravans, mobile homes etc is available on site in specific areas. (you must book) Power and water is available in some areas (and must be paid for). Ablution facilities are available around the grounds. *Camping unless paid for is not allowed at Blatherskite Park.

Exhibition Times

The Show is open to visitors from 8:30am to 5:30pm on Friday and 8:30am to 5:00pm on Saturday.
Your stand must be operational and staffed during these times. Some other events run outside those times.

Cost of Space

The cost of space is dependent on it’s location. All prices include GST. There are three types of space available, Internal, External and Food Stall.

Internal Space

(no fixtures or fittings supplied)
Space is available in bays 3.6m (width) by 4m (depth) in Everingham Pavilion, or 3.8m (width) by 4m (depth) in Greatorex Pavilion or combinations of bays in either Pavilion. Maximum depth (dependant on position) is either 4m or 8m with some limited corner space.
Floors are bare concrete and exhibitors must provide their own walls, dividers, floor covering and backdrops. Generally, 1x 15 AMP power point is available on request and payment.

External Space

Minimum space is 3m (width – with increments of 1m) in a standard depth of 5m. Additional depth is available on application, where available, dependent on position on the grounds. Services are limited and not guaranteed.


Acceptance of a successful application will be provided on finalisation of space application.


You are required to make a non-refundable deposit of 25% of total fees on application. Full payment must be received by no later than close of business on the last day of May. Failure to make payment by this date will void your application and your booked space may be forfeit.  Purchase orders must be paid within 28 days, with final payment being made by 31st of May, whichever date occurs first.  Applications received after 15th of May will attract a compulsory, non-refundable late application fee of $75.00 and is payable on application together with the non-refundable deposit of 25% of total fees.  
Payment in full is required for all online applications after the 31st May 2017.


All exhibitors are required to collect their Trade Site Envelope, containing their passes and site numbers, from the CASS Office prior to setting up their exhibit site. Collection can be made from 9am on Monday before the Show to Thursday 4pm before the Show. Trade Site Envelopes cannot be collected until full and final payment is made.  

Access and Parking

All exhibitors are issued with a delivery pass for the two days of the Show. Exhibitors living on site are issued with a vehicle and personal access pass to be presented to Security on entry. Parking of exhibitor vehicles is available in specified areas of the Park. Owner details and contact must be visible within the vehicle. Exhibitors who fail to comply with parking allocations may be charged an additional fee or removed from the Show Grounds.

Public Liability Insurance

CASS has arranged a blanket public liability insurance for it’s patrons and exhibitors who are not a carnival operator, caterer, showbag operator, Government entity, licensee or other special operator. Exhibitors should not depend on this coverage and must make their own arrangements to cover their operations. Claims against this policy will be subject to payment of an excess liability cost equal to that of the Insurer’s coverage policy.

Exhibit Construction

Exhibit construction must be complete and stocked prior to closing of the pavilions and grounds by 8pm on Thursday night. Access by vehicle to public areas and pedestrian traffic areas is strictly forbidden. Any restocking delivery or activity must be made by hand in such a way that it causes no disturbance to Show visitors.

Exhibit Dismantling

No internal or external exhibit site may be closed, left unattended, trade ceased or exhibit dismantled before the closing time of the pavilion or for external sites, before 5pm on the Saturday of the Show. No vehicle may enter a publicly occupied area or cross pedestrian traffic.
Pavilion Opening Times: 8:30am
Pavilion Closing Times: Friday 5:30pm; Saturday 5pm.

Toilet Facilities

Serviced public toilets and showers are available around the grounds. A dump point is available on the road adjacent the northern boundary of the Park. No grey water sullage drainage distribution facilities are available in close proximity to sites and waste water must be disposed of at available points in a proper manner.

Operational Services

Limited electrical and water supplies are available on site for use for display and accommodation purposes. Access to services is subject to availability at the point of supply and no guarantee is made for suitability. Exhibitors may need to operate from a non-preferred site to gain access to the services required. Exhibitors must meet the requirements of the Office of Work Health and Electrical Safety to ensure that all stalls comply with legislative and safety requirements with regard to rides, electrical, gas equipment and installations. Phone DET on (08) 8999 5010 for further details.

A Family Event

The Alice Springs Show is a family orientated event. To maintain this theme, there are several rules that you are expected to comply with. No sales, sampling or distribution of alcohol is permitted. The sale or distribution of goods that create a nuisance, are dangerous, offensive, objectionable, or are drug related will not be tolerated.

Personal and Property Insurance

Personal or property insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor and CASS provides no cover or acceptance of liability for loss or damage. Liability for loss, non-delivery or damage caused to or by any exhibit shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor. Show bags will be inspected for safety, age suitability, labelling, dangerous or ingestible objects and contents targeted at younger children.
For further information contact Consumer Affairs at (08) 8999 1999.
Exhibitors selling food must be registered as a food business under the Food Act 2004 in the State in which the business is based. The permit must be displayed on site.