How To Prepare

Assessment Criteria and Allocation of Space

Space is made available according to several criteria:

  • The type of display
  • The size of display
  • Internal or external requirements
  • Availability of services
  • Presence of similar products in the area
  • Early booking
  • The fit of your exhibit to the area
  • The interest likely to be generated
  • The standard of exhibit
  • The suitability of your exhibit
  • The quality of your product
  • How your exhibit is presented


Requirements of Display

Your display should be:

  • Interesting to Show visitors
  • Non-controversial
  • Of a professional standard
  • Clean, neat and tidy
  • Interactive, educational, and entertaining
  • Creative and innovative
  • Uncluttered with space to move
  • Represent value for money
  • Complimentary to adjacent exhibits


CASS does not guarantee availability of space and reserves the right to alter an allocation, move a site position or reject any application according to it’s own requirements. No correspondence will be entered into any such decision for unsuccessful applications.


Hints and Tips

Consider the following when designing your exhibit.

  • First impressions are vital and you must capture visitor attention within the first few seconds of them reaching your site
  • Use props and signage that are professionally de signed to stand out among others
  • Shoddy and cheap displays discourage interest
  • Your exhibit must encourage participation and inter action to have people stop, look and listen
  • Sight, sound, touch, light and colour (in moderation) attract attention, overuse or excess destroys interest
  • There should be space for visitors to interact with your product, a small, cluttered site discourages entry
  • Presentation materials should not act as barriers to entry to your site
  • Your message should be obvious, clear and understandable
  • You should not be aggressive (this is a negative action)
  • Staff should be friendly and appropriately dressed
  • The location and surroundings of your site is important in attracting your target market