Do's and Don'ts

To avoid confusion or disappointment, your attention is drawn to the following points:

Must Do

  • You must sign the application form which binds you to agreement with and adherence to the terms and conditions of the application and CASS manual attached to this document.
  • You must always comply with current Northern Territory Fire Services regulations and guidelines.
  • You must always adhere to Occupational Health and Safety guidelines for the safety of yourself and others.
  • You must have proper workers’ compensation insurance, have paid all premiums associated with the type of work performed, checked that any sub-contractors employed are correctly classified, have declared an appropriate amount of wages for insurance coverage and signed a statement that all applicable premiums have been paid.
  • You must always work within your allocated space and not encroach on others or outside your area.
  • You must pay for the correct type and amount of electrical power outlets. Excess to what you have paid for will be disconnected.
  • You must ensure that your site is staffed for the full operational hours of each of the two days of the Show.
  • Prior to occupation of your allocated space, you must make full payment of all outstanding charges at the CASS Office.
  • Advise the CASS Officer of your arrival and collect your Trade Site Envelope which contains important information, your stall holder passes and car passes.
  • You must not sublet, assign or grant any license or in any way part with, divide or allocate any portion of space allocated to you to any other company, sole trader or other third party.

Must Not Do

  • You must not leave your site unattended for the two days of the Show.
  • You must not sell any ‘bingo’ instant money or similar type of ticket at any time.
  • You must not distribute any handbills, printed matter or any other material for your company or business from any other location on the Show Grounds except from the boundaries of your own site.
  • You must not distribute or display any circulars, advertising or photographic matter relating to any other company, sole trader or third party without the written consent of CASS.
  • You must not sell, promote, give away or display any item contained in the ‘Banned Items’ list attached.
  • You must not sell raffle tickets without possessing a license through the Lotteries Commission and by prior approval of CASS.
  • You must not collect donations on your site.
  • You must not consume alcohol anywhere on the Show Grounds (which includes your site) except at a licensed outlet.
  • You must not sell or promote any product or service which has not been advised in your application and approved by CASS.
  • Food Stalls must not sell Showmen’s Guild exclusive food items. See page 18 regulations.

Other things to note:

  • Failure to comply with the conditions contained within this and the Trade Stand regulations (pages 2-4) may result in closure of your stand and exclusion from exhibition in any further Alice Springs Show event.
  • Failure to comply with a direct request from an Officer of the CASS Inc. may result in you being instructed to cease trading, close your stand and leave the grounds within 1 hour of such order being given. No restitution will be given under such circumstances.
  • CASS reserves the right to stop any exhibitor occupying their space and selling or promoting their products or services if CASS considers that this product or service is not what is envisaged or represented by CASS as the permitted use.
  • CASS security arrangements do not extend to include the surveillance or supervision of the exhibitors stands, exhibits, goods or effects. No responsibility will be accepted for loss, damage or theft from any exhibit site.
  • CASS accepts no responsibility for any damage to exhibits caused by loss due to fire, acts of terrorism or vandalism, water, theft, storms, strikes, riots or any other cause whatsoever. Exhibitors must arrange and take responsibility for their own security and insurance.
  • Exhibitors are responsible in their own right for any personal accident to themselves, their employees, contractors or agents whilst on the Show Grounds.
  • Exhibitors must indemnify CASS in respect to any claim made against CASS in respect to their activities at Blatherskite Park.
  • All exhibits and temporary structures erected by an exhibitor on the grounds must be affected in compliance with the Federal Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) the Anti-Discrimination Act and Australian Standards (AS 1428). Disabled access requirements include compliant ramps, counter heights and full access to the site.
  • The Northern Territory Building Act is now in effect. Structures may be required to possess a Building Permit and Permit to Occupy as appropriate.
  • Any erected structure, temporary seating, fencing, platforms or stages of any kind must be inspected and certified by a NT registered Structural Engineer and Building Certifier prior to occupation and a Building Permit and Permit to Occupy issued. Copies of these documents must be submitted to CASS prior to occupation.
  • On site storage is limited. Exhibitors with mobile storage must park their vehicles in the specified areas on the Show Grounds or store goods within their site allocation.
  • Storage vehicles requiring connection to power must state their requirements on the application form, ensure that the correct type of service is available and pay the service fee applicable.