Application Checklist

  • I have thoroughly read all pages of this Expressions of Interest document for the Alice Springs Show and signed my acceptance and agreement to abide by all terms, conditions, guidelines and regulations.
  • I have calculated my fees and costs for Space, Cleaning Service Fee, Passes, Camping and Vehicle Power, Site Power.
  • I have completed 1 application per display I require.
  • I have completed all sections on each application.
  • I have included my: product and price list, copy of current Public Liability Insurance, copy of Lottery Permit (if I am selling raffle tickets).
  • I have enclosed my payment (or method of payment).
  • I am not sub-letting or dividing any part of my site with another exhibitor or trader.
  • I have submitted the Expression of Interest before 31 March (late fees will apply after this date)

Steps for Exhibiting at the Show

  1. Read this stallholder information thoroughly.
  2. Fill in the Stall Application Forms.
  3. Submit Application Form.
  4. Letter of Acceptance issued with accompanying tax invoice.
  5. Full payment sent back by 31 May.
  6. Receipt, Trade Site Envelope and Show Passes collected from the CASS Office during Office hours Monday to Thursday before Show, and prior to setting up your site.
  7. Set up site Monday to Thursday before the Show.
  8. Present Show Passes to Security at the gates on entry to the Show Grounds Friday and Saturday.
  9. Occupy site Friday and Saturday.
  10. Pack up site between Saturday 5pm-7:30pm, Sunday 9am-12pm or Monday 9am-11am.

Key Dates

  • Expression of Interest applications close: Last day of March prior to Show dates.
  • Full payment due: 31 May.
  • Collection of tickets and passes and confirm site allocation: up until 3pm Thursday prior to the Show dates.
  • Access to site: Monday to Thursday prior to the Show dates.
  • Construction of Internal Space Exhibits: Monday to Thursday prior to Show dates (NOT Friday morning).
  • Construction of External Space Exhibits: Monday to Thursday prior to Show dates (NOT Friday morning).
  • Alice Springs Show: First Friday and Saturday of July in the Show year.
  • Dismantling of all sites: From Saturday 5pm-7:30pm, Sunday: 9am-12pm and Monday: 9am-11am after Show dates